Welcome to Angus Burger

At Angus’ Burgers, we prepare a burger that you will never forget… We start our burgers with high quality beef – only the best - for the tender, full, smoky flavors - seasoned and sizzled to perfection. You have a wide choice of burgers to select from including Signature Burgers like the Homestyle Angus, American Angus or The Angus Double… Specialty Burgers like the Bacon Mushroom Swiss, Bacon and Cheese Supreme, The Texan or the Angus Patty Melt - a burger for every taste! Top it off with special handmade buns and the best fries anywhere! Angus’ Burgers also features the ever popular Jalapeno poppers and specializes in Catfish – catfish platters with fries and hushpuppies and catfish sandwiches – plus hotdogs, kids meals – even keto burgers! Now that ain’t your everyday bull. Angus’ Burgers, a great place to take the family, pick up and take home or have delivered. We’re Angus’ Burgers at 3110 Midwestern at Wayne, just north of the Mall. Look Angus the bull’s big smiling face!